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Serve People Not Power

Tejasinha Sivalingam. PO Box 1047 Ashland NH 03217.  (603) 960-4127. LionOfPower@ProtonMail.Com 


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Mr. Sivalingam is dedicated to our Constitutional Republic and the resulting empowerment, Liberty, and pursuit of excellence for each Citizen, Family, our great State of New Hampshire, and our great nation of The United States of America, based on the following five basic principles:

1) Citizens of Our Republic are principally spiritual and divine by nature with the Natural and Unalienable Rights and Liberties to

     pursue excellence free from governmental or private intrusion and coercion.

2) In Our Republic each Citizen, Family, and State has a unique excellence to peacefully and honorably pursue, and therefore

     should be free from intrusion and coercion.

3) Citizens of Our Republic have several ways of knowing such as reason, intuition, faith, cultural traditions, intergenerational

     wisdom, and emotions which are all valid and balance each other in the peaceful and honorable pursuit of excellence.

4) Citizens of Our Republic value pluralism, i.e. diverse and competing interests, and a shared desire for Liberty, self

     determination, and the peaceful and honorable pursuit of excellence through:

     A) Popular Sovereignty, and equality for All Citizens under the law; 

     B) Limited and Small Constitutional Republican Government; 

     C) Federalism, States' Rights, Decentralization and Subsidiarity;

     D) Natural and Unalienable Rights of Individuals (including but not limited to Freedom of Speech, Right to Bear Arms, Right

        to Privacy, Right to Due Process, Right to Private Property, Etc.); 

     E) Free and Open Market and Free Enterprise;  

     F) Right to Work (as in all work is "essential"), Right to the Fruits of Labor, Entrepreneurialism, Small Businesses,

        Innovation, Ingenuity, Local Collective Bargaining, Worker Owned and Managed Businesses; 

     G) Fiscal Discipline and freedom from unnecessary, excessive and oppressive taxation; 

     H) Family Values and Respect for the sanctity of Life, Home, Family, Parents, Children, and the unborn; 

     I) Protection against misuse and abuse of Nuclear science, Microbiological science, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering,

        Surveillance, and other things which threaten the dignity, humanity, Liberty, and survival of our Citizens and interfere

        with their pursuit of excellence.

     J) Environmental Mutualism in which people retain their individualism, independence, modern amenities (e.g. commercial

        flights, air conditioning, personal vehicles, straws, etc) and the Right to their unique pursuit of excellence while also

        recognizing the beauty, power, and provisions of Nature;

     K)  Support and encouragement of civil deliberation and pluralistic discourse, including civil disagreement and dissent, for

        human excellence. Peaceful, humble, principled, respectful, proper, and unyielding dissent and opposition to all forms of

         oppression, disempowerment, and exploitation (foreign and domestic) which hinder the pursuit of excellence by our Citizens,

        State and Nation.

     L) Remembrance and Respect for our history.  Preservation  of our history.  A willingness to learn and grow from our history.

5) Citizens of Our Republic are called to be Leaders, to embody the dignity and strength of being spiritual beings, i.e. humans, in

     the pursuit of excellence.  As such we as a Nation, State, and Citizens respect the integrity, diversity, balance, and rhythm of life;

     all in the pursuit of excellence.

In Summary, we as spiritual beings, faith and liberty driven citizens of our great state and nation, pursue excellence through Constitutional Republicanism and Pluralistic Individualism!