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Candidate Committee for Tejasinha Sivalingam.  PO Box 1047 Ashland NH 03217.  (603) 960-4127. ServePeopleNotPower@ProtonMail.Com

Submitted to Papers on 7/18/2020

Ronald Reagan once said, “If Fascism ever comes to American, it will come in the name of Liberalism”.  He was correct, but little did he know the “liberals” (I would call them leftists) would usher in fascism only 16 years after his death.  Human empathy has quickly been weaponized and given to an emboldened mob against a fundamental tenant of our Constitutional Republic, individual God given unalienable rights.  

The desire to protect high-risk people has not expressed itself creatively by non-profits or religious charities serving the high-risk population, nor did stores decide to carve out one day a week exclusively for high-risks people.  No, instead corporations, and many States, have decided that you are sick, never to be proven well again; you are a virus and you must wear a mask.  Of course, if they are really committed to this logic we will be locked in masks forever, because there will always be unidentified high-risk people who at any point could come across the otherwise healthy microbial carrier of their demise.

If you are paying attention, you know that the mask mandates are the soft roll out for mandated vaccinations; and the proof is in the logic they use: “You wear a mask to protect me, and I wear a mask to protect you”.  The same logic vaccine pushers have used for years.  So, my recommendation would be to boycott these stores, or even better, start a competing store; but just know that every time you comply and wear a mask, you are voting for coerced vaccinations.

It is odd that the Democratic party who advocates using abortion as birth control, euthanizing the infirmed, and otherwise creating a culture of death have been at the forefront of convincing us of their new medical salvation theory, collectivism.  It is telling that the Democratic party pontificates about how white western colonizers snuffed out foreign and indigenous cultures; yet at the same time Deify western rational medical germ theory and celebrate Dr. Fauci and CNN colonizing your mind, while they absolutely neglect and silence the medical and health traditions of other cultures and religions, including various forms of terrain theory.  Lastly our leaders destroy our economy and nation for fear of overwhelming our medical facilities, yet have done nothing to rely on or utilize the wealth of knowledge in Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, etc.

In closing, I will again quote the late President Ronald Reagan, “A socialist is someones who has read Lenin and Marx.  An Anti-Socialist is someone who understands Lenin and Marx.”  I am an Anti-Socialist, I am a Republican.  Vote Tejasinha Sivalingam in the Republican primary and general election, vote “No!” to Leftist Fascism.



*Published in the Laconia Daily Sun on July 23, 2020*

Submitted to the New Hampshire Union Leader on July 16, 2020

We are under multi-faceted and asymmetrical attack from a foreign power, Communist China; but we are blinded by a propagandized pandemic.  It has been part of a long laid plan, but the Communist Chinese Party made a full court press after Trump stood up to them in the 2019 “trade war”.  No sooner did Trump reach a deal with China than China began the propaganda war.  They couldn’t win in good faith trading, so they changed the game.

The virus, may be manufactured, but is probably just intensely and disproportionately examined and tracked; a mountain out of a molehill.  The virus probably had the dual purpose of cover for the Communists Chinese to murder and harvest the organs of political dissidents and religious people.  But, they got us scared and keep us scared, like an adolescent watching a scary movie.  Every creek in the floor boards was the corona virus.  We were confused, and extraordinarily frightened; we are all good people who want the best for our family, friends, communities, and country.  However, the CCP and their unwitting opportunistic domestic accomplices had no intent of letting us out from the grip of fear.  

The Communist Chinese knew well that there were plenty of political and corporate opportunists who would be willing to take the seed of fear and turn it into the fruits of ruination.  Domestic political actors, unwitting but opportunistic, who see greater power for themselves in a “new normal”; and corporations who are more than willing and interested in profiting from the up and coming unitary surveillance and control State.  It’s all about the Benjamins, or the Mao Zedongs, as the case may be.

The Communist Chinese Party knew how to employ this tactic of terror.  Mao Zedong used it during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  Mao had a three step plan to coerce the masses with terror and exterminate any possibility of counter revolution.  First, a political base needed to be created and consolidated; and this was achieved here with the misinformation around the corona virus.  The whole country became willing to listen to and follow the “scientific” medical establishment.  Second, expanding the base through bold attacks; this has been achieved through the increase in violence, looting, rioting, race baiting, coupled with calls to defund the police while simultaneously threatening to confiscate firearms.  However, the most effective method for expanding the base of compliant and unwitting communist revolutionaries has been through the government trading back to us our God given unalienable rights as commodities and privileges earned through increased compliance.  Third, after the base has been whipped into a frenzy, out of blind extremist utopian zeal coupled with crippling oppression to be relieved through scapegoating, the communist insurgents and their opportunistic accomplices will launch the final offensive.  We have yet to see this, but it may include winning the majority of legislative seats in November for the purpose of redistricting the States such that there will never be a meaningful constitutionally oriented political presence ever again.

Let me illustrate this last step of our unfolding domestic cultural communist revolution.  First, they will take the State Legislatures with under-informed, opportunistic, and unwitting tools.  Then those legislators will select their respective leaders who will then stack the redistricting committees; and later those legislators will vote to approve the redistricting.  And here in New Hampshire, the redistricting will lead to a radicalized executive council who will only confirm radicalized judges.  Then by the time the next census occurs in 2030, the country and the State will be unrecognizable.

However, the real victory will be that the United States will have become what it prides itself for having defeated, fascism.  I know I have been referring to this current cultural revolution as communist, but in fact communism and fascism are different species of the same genus, totalitarianism.  The Communists don’t care what breed of totalitarian this country becomes, so long as we rid ourselves of popular sovereignty, dispense with our delusion of God given unalienable rights, and end the nonsense of a limited constitutional republican government.

The fascism project is moving ahead at lightening speed.  First, note the strong emphasis on social hierarchy as scientists are elevated above citizens, and those who dare not wear the party’s emblem of self deprecating collectivism, the mask, are deemed to be selfish spreaders; perhaps even viruses themselves.  Second, small groups of people act without constitutional constraint; at first it was the legislative leadership, governors and administrative bureaucrats, but now the police powers of the State have become completely constitutionally unchecked as they have have been vested in and “freely” adopted by the well trained corporations and desperate businesses.  Third is the use of dictatorial powers such as increasing surveillance, searches of biometric and medical information without warrants, on the job interrogations for otherwise privileged information without representation or a right to work, and contact tracing; the Fourth, Fifth, First Amendment and Article 2-b, be damned!  Fourth, strong regimentation of the economy and society: masks, social distancing, hand sanitizers, closure of non-essential businesses, testing, quarantine of healthy individuals, regulations on the standard of care and prevention, and soon there will likely be mandated vaccinations and immunity certificates required in order to participate normally in society.  Fifth, forcible suppression of opposition; this is taking place in the narrative of pervasive racism, destruction of our shared multicultural national heritage, big tech chilling of speech, and will reach its zenith when the contact tracing and vaccinating squads come looking to convert you with coerced vaccinations or silence and marginalize you with a permanent mask order, the scarlet letter, for the “selfish Anti-Vaxxers”.

We need to stop this march into totalitarian oblivion, immediately, through every peaceful, legal, and lawful means available.  Every step into the increasing darkness becomes the “new normal”.  With what Gandhi refers to as “soul force”, we need to see our unalienable Rights as duties, and exercise them to the fullest extent of the law!  Including your Right to vote. Please vote Tejasinha Sivalingam for House of Representatives in the Republican primary, Grafton County District 9 (Ashland, Alexandria, Bristol, Bridgewater, Grafton).  Thank you.

A crisis is when we need a Legislature at work

I AM extremely concerned that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Court had previously suspended legislative activities until May 4, 2020. Now, as of May 2, 2020, the General Court website reads in part, “…the General Court has suspended all legislative activities until further notice…” (

It is not only concerning that the Legislature has suspended legislative activities, but also how it appears the decision to suspend was made.

In times of crisis it is extremely important to have the Legislature deliberating the many and varied issues at hand, as they arise in real time, in order that the Legislature may adequately represent the needs of the people and communities of New Hampshire.

This is particularly important in a state of emergency when so much power is being temporarily vested in the executive branch, which needs to hear from the people and communities just as much, if not more, than they are hearing from their professional advisors.

The Legislative branch, through the attending representatives and senators, gives greater potency, organization, and affect to the voice of the people and communities. These are endangered when the Legislature suspends. The people’s representation is not a fair-weather amenity.

The honorable Senate President Donna Soucy and the honorable Speaker of the House Stephen Shurtleff are aware of the potency and importance of the Legislature working with the governor in times of crises, evident by the fact that the Friday April 17, 2020 House Record (Volume 42, Number 16) says they, joining with others, filed suit against the executive branch because “…Governor [Chris] Sununu has decided that he has the power to exclude the Fiscal Committee.”In the second paragraph it states, “Our constitution demands co-equal branches of government to ensure a thriving republic and we will do everything we can to maintain that balance of power — for the good of the people.” And, yet, earlier on March 20, 2020, in the House Record (Volume 42, Number 12), Speaker Shurtleff writes, “…the Senate President and I have made the historic decision to suspend all legislative activities.”

While it may be understandable to allow the Senate president and speaker of the House the ability in exigent situations to temporarily suspend deliberation and action of the entire Legislature, I believe that beyond the existence of such exigent circumstances it is solely the power of the General Court by concurrent resolution to suspend all legislative activities.

Presently, I do not see an exigent situation and, in this instance, I have not seen any record that the General Court has suspended its activities by concurrent resolution. Regardless, I see no reason currently that the General Court should be suspended.

In summary, during a crises the Legislature should deliberate and act when possible. If the Legislature feels it should suspend its activities, then that decision should be made by concurrent resolution — ideally in my opinion with a two-thirds majority. If for some reason the situation requires immediate action, then the Senate president and the speaker of the House could be allowed to suspend activities, but only until two-fifths of the legislators convene the General Court by petition to deliberate and decide whether or not the Legislature should continue to be suspended, for what reason, and for how long.

The General Court provides an essential service, the representation of the people, their communities, and their economy. Comparatively, cosmetologists have petitioned to allow them to go back to work, but the General Court has suspended all legislative activities until further notice.

Thousands of working people are having to adapt by meeting online or going to work while observing social distancing, yet the General Court cannot meet online or in a larger more spacious building? We are fortunate that there is increasing data that the mortality of COVID-19 is actually on par with a bad flu season, and no severe and pervasive sequela have been disclosed. However, even while we get more hopeful information, and even while essential workers have been putting themselves at potentially greater risks by going to work without interruption, the General Court has remained largely immobilized while our society, economy, and communities are potentially irrevocably changed.

Tejasinha Sivalingam lives in Ashland.

*Printed in the New Hampshire Union Leader on May 7, 2020*

Vaccination inquisition part of new state religion, Applied Science

To The Daily Sun,

Despite our great Nation’s tradition of separating church and state, we are now experiencing the institution of a new state religion, i.e. Applied Science. Applied Science has become the state religion that limits the human experience of the divine to that which can be understood, justified, and explained by the intellect, and by our “intellectual superiors”.

The "god" of this new state religion, Applied Science, is data and intellect. The “devil” of this new state deity is anything that challenges the supremacy of the data intellect god. The church elders of this new state religion are our public officials who preach the “good news of science” and leverage it in their “sermon on the common good” for the purpose of inducing mass hysteria and compliance.

No new state religion would be complete without an inquisition! Our new state religion, Applied Science, is conducting an inquisition with regards to vaccinations. The state religious elders of neighboring states, i.e. Maine, have decided to banish the interests of competing religions with regards to vaccines by removing religious exemption as an option in the administration of vaccines. Certainly the next steps will include the elders justifying intrusion into the privacy of individuals and families and marking the noncompliant as heretics; perhaps even as criminals, stripping them of their life, liberty, property, and children. All done in the name of the common good, and of course justified by scientific data!

Some readers may think, “I like the intellect, so a new state religion based on the intellect, i.e. Applied Science, is agreeable.” After all, it is nice to have something to hold onto as we individually try to understand the Universe. However, intellectual understanding requires information, i.e. being informed. Some readers may even think, “I like a new state religion which allows me to exercise my intellect in making rational choices.” However, the ability to make rational choices implies being able to give or deny consent. Yet, in the Vaccine Inquisition, both information and consent are being denied. The religion of Applied Science has covered the light of its’ soul, ethics. And even further, the new state religion has become the enemy of its’ own soul, informed consent.

In reality, vaccines are not so much a question of whether or not you “believe” in science; rather, the question is whether or not you believe in ethical science! If you do not understand the importance of informed consent as an ethical cornerstone of Applied Science then please go research Nazi medical torture, and the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Informed consent should be mandated when it comes to vaccination! Vaccination itself should NOT be mandated.

Tejasinha Sivalingam, MA


*Printed in the Laconia Daily Sun on May 8, 2020 Updated May 11, 2020*


Your Turn, NH - Tejasinha Sivalingam: Electoral College as needed today as it ever was

I DISAGREE with Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg who recently argued that the Electoral College is obsolete and the popular vote should determine a presidential election. Our president is a president of the United States.

We have a federal republic government that is based on the premise of dual sovereignty, meaning the federal government is really a federation of states, and the voice of each state should be heard in the election of a president, as it is in the Congress via the Senate.

Additionally, our republic is based on separation of powers, and the separation of powers was originally preserved by having each branch of the federal government chosen by different means. This was discussed by Hamilton in Federalist Paper #60, “But the circumstance which will be likely to have the greatest influence in the matter, will be the dissimilar modes of constituting the several component parts of the government. The House of Representatives being to be elected immediately by the people, the Senate by the state legislatures, the president by electors chosen for that purpose by the people, there would be little probability of a common interest to cement these different branches in a predilection for any particular class of electors.”

This was unfortunately overlooked in 1913 when the 17th Amendment established that Senators would be elected by direct popular vote; now Buttigieg is asking us to overlook this reasoning again.

We are a republic, and our Constitution promises us a republic. Our republic is one of popular sovereignty, infused with powerful democratic elections, processes, and procedures; however, we are not a democracy. The founders wanted to guard against “…a common interest to cement these different branches in a predilection…”, and they knew that “a common interest” may be guided to create an arrogant or self-righteous majority, an ochlocracy, who may steamroll the interests of minorities (i.e. smaller and less populated states) in the name of the “common good”.

Therefore, we should strengthen our Republic by making the Electoral College robust by getting rid of faithless elector laws and educating people about the function and importance of the electoral college. Federalist 68 says in part, “Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption. These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union?”

Given the recent Democratic focus on corruption and intervention of foreign powers, and given the Electoral College was designed to prevent these, I am surprised to hear any Democrat speak against the Electoral College!

Tejasinha Sivalingam lives in Ashland.

*Printed in the New Hampshire Union Leader on Feb 13, 2020 Updated Feb 16, 2020*

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